If you have grown up on stories of rajkumaras and rajkumaris and dream of a royal Indian wedding, Kundan Meena Polki jadau jewellery or Kundan and Polki are sure to capture your imagination! Kundan/Polki jewelry is traditional, elite the significance of India’s rich heritage.

Although, The procedure of Kundan and Polki jewelry is so intricate and time-consuming and requires great skill and craftsmanship. Kundan/Jadau jewelry comes from Thousands of years old art of the grandeur of the Mughal era. These days, Kundan and Polki are both popular choices for brides who wish to look traditional and regal on their wedding day. Therefore, We went straight to the experts and tried to understand this form of jewelry better.

Indian Bride who is married traditionally and wearing kundan meena polki jewellery

Indian Bride wearing traditional Kundan Meena Polki jewellery

What is the difference between Kundan and Polki?

Each Polki jewelry manufacture from natural diamonds that are precious because of their natural form. It is also much shinier and much more expensive than Kundan jewelry. Kundan can be glass stone (glass polki).

Polki was introduced in India by the Moghuls, while Kundan is a traditional Rajasthani style of jewelry.


What is the technique used to make Kundan and Polki jewelry?

The technique of making Kundan and Polki jewelry is more or less the same. Flat or uncut stones are set on 24-carat gold jewelry using lac and fine pure gold foils. Polki jewelry fabricates with a gold foil at the back to place the diamonds in between with uncut diamonds reflecting light. Kundan jewelry is elaborate with layers upon layers of stone and precious metals and intricate joint work. 


Where to find the best Kundan/Polki jewelry in India?

Kundan and Jadau jewelry are from Jaipur and Hyderabad. However, big cities and metros have no absence of jewelers with expertise in this form of jewelry and display a jaw-dropping collection of traditional Kundan/Polki pieces.


Does Kundan/ Polki jewelry look good with gemstones?

Indeed! While Kundan and Polki have elaborate meenakari and enamel work on them in varying colors, this form of jewelry also looks unprecedented with uncut rubies, sapphires, and even emeralds.


What jewelry pieces look great in Kundan/Polki?

Kundan/Polki with a heavy choker or elaborate neckpiece is trendy in a wedding ceremony. If you don’t want something very traditional, you can wear large chandelier-shaped Kundan earrings. Perhaps a beautiful dainty maang-tika, or even a gorgeous stand-alone statement piece like a bracelet. Chandbalis in Kundan/Polki is the hottest jewelry trend of 2014, replacing the much-loved earrings in this wedding season.


Kundan/Polki jewelry priced?

Every piece of Polki put a price on for its carat, cut, clarity, colorful natural diamonds. A polki choker costs between Rs 4- 15 Lakhs and depend on the number of diamonds used and their quality. The value of Polki jewelry is very high as compared to sparkle Kundan Meena Polki jadau jewelry.


Then what is Meenakari and Jadau?

People think Jadau is a form of jewelry. Jadau jewelry is Mughal in origin and is a complex method (Kundan) to set up colored gemstones in gold. This technique requires artisans of great skill, usually working in teams, to accomplish.

However, Meenakari is a colorful style of jewelry that flourished during the Mughal era with Rajasthan royalty. Over the centuries, Meenakari come from the traditional Rajasthani Kundan style of jewelry. The result was under Meena jewelry, and it takes twice as many adjectives to describe it.

Stay tuned for more posts on Indian wedding jewelry trends! See you soon.