A bride meaning who is getting married, or will later get married. The most important thing is worldwide the name of the bride is different from another. In Indian weddings, “Dulhan” means a bride. A bride is known differently in other parts of India. Let me introduce our culture about interesting names of brides. For instance, While Dulhan is commonly married in most North Indian weddings, she is called a manamagal in our Tamil culture. Likewise, if any girl gets married in Kannada, she has recognized by the Vadhu. However, the Kolkata people called their bride “Naba-badhu” in Bengali word. Whatever the bride often referred to as householder. Though, in Hindu traditions, the mangal sutra is an important part. A necklace for the bride represents Goddess Lakshmi for our Hindu ritual. Goddess Lakshmi means the goddess of wealth and beauty. Thus, Indian people respected their girl as a goddess or as a Debee. In other words, Indians respect every girl as a Mother, Girl, Sister, Bride, or woman.

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A necklace is an article of jewelry worn around the neck as per face or neck shape. Every occasion necklace is worn with a gorgeous, simple, and lightweight dress. Necklaces are made of metal, gold, silk thread, Kundan, silver, copper, clay or natural shells, or rock stones. With heavy wedding dress, versatile collections of the necklace are available in Germany made from India. Also, India is very popular for its unique jewelry design. A Golden necklace is the first choice of every wedding bride. Because sometimes we chose necklace without knowing our neck shape, and after that, it gave us a wired look at the party. As per your neck shape, it has also very difficult to find a necklace. Bunch of Collections of the necklace as per your face or neck shape. Although, the color or design is totally up to you. These necklaces have an Indian traditional design with shine.

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An earring is a piece of jewelry attached to the ear via a piercing earlobe or another external part of the ear Earrings. The most graceful way to create a sophisticated look is by wearing a pair of gold earrings on your ear. Much like diamonds but comparatively inexpensive, white stone earrings are sparkling stone creations paired with gold and soft silver, feminine patterns. Proportion keeps things neutral yet luxurious gold or white color being the standout. You can inject some more beautiful color into your occasion with ruby studded earrings with a heavy saree, kurta. To wear earrings can depend on their people in different civilizations and rituals, often with cultural events. Earring elements are assembled from materials, including metal, plastic, glass, precious stone, beads, wood, bone, and various materials. To large plates and dangling items design extent from small loops and studs. These accessories are worn or stacked up with studs on the ear.


The Maang Tikka is a crucial piece of an Indian bride’s jewelry for their head front part. Maang tikka holds an essential place on the wedding day and beyond. A bit of maang tikka that has a draping adornment toward one side and a clip at the other. The stick is appended to the hair so that the clipping dangles at the hairline of the lady. This marriage accessory increases the chunky look of the bride that gives her a gorgeous and beautiful look. It separates her from the others. Maang tikka is worn as jewelry where ladies maang tikka is an easy way of high light your Indian wear. You can explore our online shop and find the perfect maang tikka to look gorgeous at the event.

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Polki is just a piece or slice of diamonds in their raw form. It is an uncut and semi-polished piece of diamond. Polki does not endure a lot of chemical treatments as its purified version does. Polki has no brightness or pattern. Also, polki have surface reflection because polki have too much hardness. Polki creates Polki jewelry. For instance, Polki necklace, polki Maang tikka, polki ring, Polki nose pin, and others. Polki jewelry is quite popular in India, the polki diamonds come in different shapes. And you can make your choice depending on how much jewelry you want on your special day. You probably heard the term of white diamond. Color and characteristic of diamonds and give a shiny richness to ornaments. Gold ornaments studded with diamonds are the mark of tasteful style. However, the diamonds polki jewelry comes in numerous designs, with the most high priced ones designs, But now you can get Indian Polki jewelry in Germany at an affordable price.


Temple jewelry is among the most artful of all jewelry types. It has been an inseparable part of Indian attire. Jewelry not only adorns the body but also uplifts our energy. Jewelry of temples is an ancient form of Indian art. For Hindu ritual initially, it was associated with adorning the idols of gods and goddesses. Later classical dancers patronized it. Therefore, the designs have become a part of an Indian women’s bridal attire for occasions. These artful pieces of work are sculpted from gold and silver and have been making a comeback to the fashion mise en scene. There are many temple traditional Indian collections of our German online shop with handmade necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings, chokers, and kamarbandhs. The contemporary update to this jewelry style now includes gemstones, diamonds, and filigree work to accentuate individual pieces. Each selection of temple jewelry about proportions though temple jewelry is much popular in south India. Do you know why we use silver in making temple jewelry?


Jarkan or cubic zirconia in India are known as American diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are different from the original diamond because of geological processes and diamond simulant. Numerous scientists claimed to have successfully synthesized diamonds between 1879 and 1928. But none was confirmed, which made non-diamond material. We have exclusive high-quality American diamond jewelry in our online shop for you. This early research of diamond synthesis in the U.S., Sweden, and the Soviet Union yielded the discovery of the CVD diamond (chemical vapor deposition) and HPHT diamond (high-pressure high-temperature) processes. These two processes still dominate the production of synthetic diamonds. Although, researchers have since discovered a third and fourth method of diamond synthesis. Earrings, traditional choker necklaces, bangles, 24crt gold, and rhodium plating necklace can build from American diamonds.

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A pendant is a loose-hanging piece of jewelry fabricated from diamonds. A small loop to a necklace attached with it looks marvelous when you wear pendants with your regular dress to look standard, as you know that pendant created for our neck, which may be known as a “pendant necklace” However, there is a simple gold chain or beads with or without the pendant. Pendant use as a short necklace with mixed materials. Also, a pendant earring is an earring with a piece hanging down from the upper lope. The pendant has a different name by the generations or countrysides. You can pick the right one for you and style it to look like a french woman. The separation between necklace and pendant is clear. Ancient Pendants originate from natural materials. It’s time to change with the new generation to chose Pendants that have meaning because jewelry needs to meaningful with your look or dress.

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Bangles are traditional ornaments are worn mostly by women in countries, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Pakistan, Nepal. It is common traditionally to see a new bride wearing glass or gold bangles at her wedding. Bangles are ossified bracelets that are usually made of metal, wood, glass, plastic, woolen thread, gold, copper, polymer clay, ghungroo, platinum with a diamond stone, Kundan, and other materials are used to make a pair of beautiful bangles set. These ornaments are worn mostly by women from Asia and Africa. It is common to see a new bride wearing glass bangles at her wedding in India and many other countries. Bangles are also known as per country or culture of ownership for example Kannada: Bale, Nepali: Chura, Bengali: churi, Assamese: kharu, Odia: chudi, Tamil: Hindi: Choodi, Marathi: Bangadi, since the ancient era Some men also wear a single bangle on the arm or wrist and its called kada or kara it could be as a ritual.


Kundan is a traditional form of Indian Rajasthani gemstone jewelry. The story of glass to be precise stone shaped cloud or Kundan. But this genre of ornaments exceeded regality like nothing else. Rajasthan and Gujarat have always been reckoned for their artistic heritage and culture. Kundan origin to the palaces of Rajasthan. Kundan jewelry was must-have in traditional Indian weddings for all the brides who want to look like a princess on their wedding day. Kundan and gold jewelry is made in Jaipur also. Kundan has known by gems. There are various kinds of Kundan are available in the world. But Rajasthani Kundan jewelry is very famous in India, and now you can buy this Original Kundan jewelry in Germany. Kundan jewelry is made starting with the purest form of gold, gold is hit and Molted to make Kundan ornaments, Brass metal with gold which gives Kundan jewelry rich and traditional look. you can buy different types of jewelry made by Kundan like Finger ring, Kundan necklace, Matha Patti, Hath Phool, Baju Band, Nath, Bangles, Rakhi, and many more things. The process of making Kundan and gold jewelry is undoubtedly very interesting, it looks elite and gorgeous.