About Kundan jewelry:

Difference’s between Kundan and Meenakari jewelry?

Firstly, there are various kinds of colors of Kundan are available in the world. From the ancient era, it was a story of glass to be appropriate precious stone-shaped cloud or Kundan. Kundan is a traditional form of Indian Rajasthani gemstone jewelry in India. But this style of ornaments better regality obviously nothing else.

Secondly, Kundan jewelry origin in the palaces of Rajasthan. Gems come from the purest form of gold and so is the Kundan. The molted gold creates Kundan ornaments. Brass metal with gold gives precious Kundan stones jewelry a Royal and traditional look.

Finally, You can buy different types of jewelry made by Kundan like Matha Patti, Nath, Bangles, Rakhi, Hath Phool, Baju Band, Finger ring, Kundan necklace, and many more things. There is no doubt that The process of making Kundan with gold cover jewelry is very attractive and it looks elite and gorgeous.

Woman who is wearing Kundan jewelry

A woman who is wearing Kundan jewelry

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Jadau jewelry is also a type of kundan jewelry in India. Its intricate handmade art with Kundan stones and gold foil creates an elegant and graceful appearance. Kundan has much demand for traditional ceremonies as well as wedding events. Importantly Kundan not only designs on gold but also very popular with silver posture based on Kundan stones. Kundan jewelry always looks very attractive with any Indian and western attire.


A woman looks gorgeous with kundan jewelry

A woman looks gorgeous with Kundan jewelry

You can get Kundan with confused Polki or uncut diamonds. Kundan and Polki have many similarities but this jewelry has a different making process. Therefore, Difference’s between Kundan and Meenakari Jewelry. Kundan jewelry is always famous for its detailing intricate traditional design which creates attraction with breathtaking appearance.

About Meenakari jewelry:

Meenakari jewelry known for its various attractive heaven colors and beyond design with gold and many high-quality metals. Meenakari jewelry is always available in both modern and trendy traditional designs. Consistently, This jewelry becomes the first choice for its incredible art and polish vibrant colors. Meenakari works also enhance the art by using gold, silver, and copper.


Woman wearing Meenakari jewelry

Woman wearing Meenakari jewelry

This jewelry always creating by these metals.  The roof of metals with fascinating colors in marvelous meenakari designs. Such that jaw drop meenakari designs jewelry can wear by any age of women. Jewelry always looks glamorous with women’s adore personality. Women can wear meenakari with many apart, For instance, armbands, necklaces, earrings, bangles, and more high-quality meenakari choker Necklaces.