This blog will give you an idea about Indian bangles available in Germany.

Since the venerable era, women used various kinds of bangles made by Glass, Wood, Silk, or Woolen thread, Gold, Clay, Silver, and shell conch. now it has time to change with new fashion but this fashion is relevant with the ancient era.

In the whole world, there are many different variations of Indian Bangles. Bangles always made with Different Materials with different colors and these use for every Occasional cause. These Bangles attract women in space towards each other. You must have collects comfortable and traditional different types of designs of bangles with your every gorgeous and unique Dress.



Women who is wearing bangles with her bridal dress

A woman who is wearing bangles with her bridal dress


Types of Bangles:-

Indian Rajasthani stone Bangles:

This kind of stone Bangles is very famous in Rajasthan India. Rajasthani women use heavy and big stone spark shine bangles in their wedding dresses. These bangles with their heavy dress get them gorgeous looks like a Rajputana.


Elephant design Bangles:

This bangle has two elephant heads on top of both sides, and also it has a hock on the middle for easy wear. It was also suitable for the thick wrist. we can use this kind of bangles in wedding ceremonies.

Silver bangles with awesome ideas:

These silver bangles are made of silver. It gives us a so-trendy look with a simple dress. silver bangles have a pretty simple handcraft design on them. We can wear silver bangles with black or gray Saree’s, tops, kurtas

Multi-color stone Bangles:

 Multicolor stone has a wide array. however, Multi-color stone bangles didn’t always come endowed in gold or other metals. Those bangles are even made of copper, silver. Clarification, they were originally designed with ruby or Kundan and different colors of diamond. We can use it Significant place.

Indian Gold Bangles :

Over the years, our Indian Pure golden bangles are the first choice of women. However, we always like to wear gold bangles with unique and royal design because it’s absorbed by the sunshine of the gold.

Silk Thread Indian Bangles:

These Indian bangles are for casual use and for Young or teenage girls. silk thread bangles are very soft to touch because its made from soft wool or silk thread. Silk bangles come in numerous handcraft designs, with the most expensive and high-quality silk woolen thread with combination colors.

Glass Bangles:

Indian gorgeous Glass bangles made of glass with different colors. but the most important thing is, it’s very rare to find all color glass bangles. However, it also possible to collect all kinds of different color glass bangles in India.

Clay or Terracotta Bangles: The sterling pair of clay bangles usually made by polymer clay, cold porcelain clay. Moreover, clay bangles are quite popular, as are different shapes, designs, and thicknesses of bangles.

Diamond Bangles:

Women are love to buy at least one pair of German diamond bangle in their Indian bangles collection. Diamond bangles studded with expensive marvelous diamond. it’s very costly but it gives us a gorgeous look with the grace of diamond. You can get all these gorgeous bangles in Germany Online link


Bangles with every dress have a trend of Indian women fashion. This pair having a matching dress. Since the ancient era, it has believed that the use of bangles helps to increase our hand blood circulation.

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