When it comes to talking about wedding jewelry, at the same time Mangalsutra is the first shopping listed ornament as a piece of Indian wedding jewelry. According to the Hindu, Traditions Mangalsutra is the sacred thread, and it holds crowing gravity among the other ornaments. The Mangalsutra also has a protective sheath and marriage. Certainly, Indian women love to wear Mangalsutra which is made of black beads, gold, diamond, platinum, and also white or red beads are added to the Mangalsutra. Sometimes its depends on regional variation. We have different kinds of Mangalsutra with new trendy designs which are suitable with your neck or every dres’s code.


Breide who is wearing her wedding dress

The bride who is wearing her wedding dress


Long Chain Mangalsutra:

In Indian wedding jewelry, Long-chain Mangalsutra is usually made of gold or diamond. This chain is too long as a 20 to 36 inches long black beaded chain with a pendant of a huge design on it. Moreover, as a piece of Indian wedding jewelry It looks so trendy and fashionable, these days some women love to wear long chains with saree as well Kurti.






Woman is wearing bridal dress

The woman is wearing a bridal dress

Peacock Mangalsutra:

Firstly, The elegant peacock designs are the most popular or cherished designs as a piece of Indian wedding jewelry, which are worn by women. Importantly, these pendants consist of a luscious peacock design with beautiful precious stones and have black beads. Moreover, This attractive beautiful work makes your pendant more elegant, feminine, and flawless.







Short-chain Mangalsutra:

This will allow you to adjust the chain length to your liking and outfit type. Because a standard chain length has 16 to 18 inches. On the other hand, Use diamond and added some color also you can added gemstones or pearls with this dual-tone it goes well with your outfits.

In Indian wedding jewelry It’s extremely important for a woman to choose the right chain length for her Mangalsutra, Therefore these days, modern brides choosing her Mangalsutra that are a bit more delicate, simple or trendy to wear on daily basis.

  1. Telugu Mangalsutra
  2. Sindhi Mangalsutra
  3. Bihari Mangalsutra
  4. Kerala Mangalsutra
  5. Tamil Mangalsutra
  6. Gujrati Mangalsutra
  7. Karthamani Pathak

If you are thinking of more then check the stunning new trendy Mangalsutra designs for your wedding ceremony. For more wedding jewelry collection you can only visit Our page.