Welcome to our wedding set blog! Now it’s the wedding season and that’s why you need a lot of wedding accessories as well wedding jewelry.

So without further ado let’s start to talk about the wedding set that you are going to need as a girl for the wedding. For the wedding, you need to choose your Indian outfits for your wedding day. And then you have to think about other requirements for fulfilling your wedding without hesitation.

Whether it’s your friend’s wedding or your family’s wedding these accessories must need. There are many things that going to help you to do everything the day with traditional vibes. Also, there is a different kind of important things that you can go to for an Indian wedding. So you can choose according to your own tastes and according to the type of Indian wedding ceremony.

Ladkiwale Wedding set

Ladkiwale Wedding set

A bridal set is not only a saree, lehenga, bridal makeup set, wedding decoration, or jewelry but also needs many traditional or trendy accessories. These kinds of traditional and typical accessories are a part of those cosmetics which have worn by the bride at their wedding ceremony and its called Ladkiwale Wedding set. These special little appearance items usually match with the bridal look and bridal trendy fashion style. Especially each product has equal respect for the Hindu tradition with many importance.

About Bindi:

without bindi Hindu woman is incomplete. Women put on bindi to enhance their beauty in different ways. Putting a gorgeous bindi with a wedding dress makes any bride like a real princess.

Bridal chuda:

without bridal bangles, the bride is totally incomplete. Moreover, Bridal chuda or bangles create an extra marvelous look for a bride. Brides are usually wearing glass or velvet bangles on their wedding day with their bridal traditional attire.


Paranda is one kind of hair element for women. When women do a braid with their hair that the time Paranda can be used with the end of the braid. Paranda helps to make a gorgeous appearance on a simple braid.

Sindoor ki dibbi (Box):

Sindoor box is for the bride or married women. But On the wedding day, Sindoor is put on the bride’s head by the groom for the About Bindi: Bindi is very important for women to fulfill their solah shringer. Without bindi a first time. Sindoor box is a little cute wedding gift for a bride.

Gharoli ka set

is a big fancy bowl which is getting carried by the groom’s mama´s to fulfill a ceremony. And this bowl comes with some support to carry it on their head since this is a ritual to be done.


A red thread known as Mauli or Kalava or Charadu is tied on the wrist by Hindu tradition before the beginning of welfare. The thread is tied on the right hand by Grooms and on the left hand by brides.


– paste to paint the groom’s hands for wedding tradition.

Pero ki patdi-

It’s a holy wood plate. But At the ceremony, this plate would put on the feet. At the wedding, it kept under the groom’s feet.