Golden Bangels Set with poli stones 2 big Kadas and 4 small Kadas 1

Golden Bangles Set with polki stones 2 big Kadas and 4 small Kadas 1

1. Handmade Polki gold plated bangles
2. Brand: Aradhna
3. Material: Alloy (Mixing of brass and copper)
4. Polish: Gold plated foil with long-lasting shine.
5. Design: Polki stone with Mirror work
7. Color: Golden
8. Jewelry type: 24 Plain Bangles, 8 Studded sling bangles, 4 Flat kadas with mirror work, 2 Big kadas with mirror work.
9. Avoid straight contact with water/ Liquid/ sweat/ perfume etc. for cleaning always try to use cotton cloth or any soft cloth, it will help to clean jewelry very easily in no time without any defeat of products. In addition, try to keep jewelry in a jewelry pouch or plastic box.


Bangles are very common ornaments for women. Usually, every woman has many colors or different designer bangles in their bangles collections. But every color of bangles cannot be wear with any attire. But some common but unique color bangles can be worn with many dresses like black and golden bangles. Today we have golden Polki bangles for you. This bangle has fully worked with Polki stones.

But to your increase, your personality adds some ethnicity and elegance with pair of these exquisite Golden and Polki stone bangles in high-quality metal. Also, Pair these bangles and gather compliments on all occasions. The bangles sets are a combination of loud yet setting velvet colors to gaze upon. Also, you can combine plain gold bangles with bronze bangles separators.