1. Handmade Golden Pearl Style Set with Big Studs

  2. Brand: Aradhna
  3. Material: Alloy (Mixing of brass and copper)
  4. Polish: Ensure that gold plated with long-lasting shine.
  5. Design: Pearl design
  6. Closer: Thread long chain with hook
  7. Color: Golden
  8. Jewelry type: Gold pearl style Necklace with big statement Pair studs.
  9. Avoid straight contact with water/ Liquid/ sweat/ perfume etc. for cleaning always try to use cotton cloth or any soft cloth, it will help to clean jewelry very easily without any defeat of products. In addition, try to keep jewelry in a jewelry pouch or plastic box.


Gold jewelry is very famous for its attractive shine. It’s very common that every woman has at least one piece of gold jewelry. But some women would like to use gold plated jewelry for a long time use anywhere. Besides gold jewelry always has one risk to lose it without notice. But gold plated jewelry has no risk you can easily afford that kind of jewelry if it lost from you.  But This jewelry has a big stud pair of earrings with pearl style. And everyone knows that pearl style jewelry always gives a rich and high-quality look with its small pearl designs. The most important thing is these gold pearl earrings and this golden pearl Necklace can be worn at any party with any kind of attire as if Indian or western. You can easily get this  Golden Pearl Style Set with Big Studs jewelry on our page.