Ladkewale Silver Package for the wedding

All you need for a groom for an Indian wedding with Ladkewale Silver Package. Silver Package comes with, Ghana, Kenchi (Scissors) Mauli, Pero ki Patdi, Pooja ki Thali, Sindoor.

When it’s time to get married or preparing for the wedding function that the time we are decided to go shopping. Sometimes we may need just a bit kind of things by the end of our wedding shopping in a hurry. And according to Hindu tradition, we have ensured our Holy Pooja list is perfect



Ladkewale Wedding silver package

Ladkewale Wedding silver package



Ghana –

Bracelet for the groom which has worn to him by his sister. A tread with multiple stones can be fancy or simple



Scissors mostly needed to cut paper during the phera (wedding ceremony) by the bride’s mama´s (uncle, brother of mother)


Mauli –

A red thread known as Mauli or Kalava or Charadu is tied on the wrist of Hindu tradition before the beginning of welfare.


Pero ki patdi- a wood plate to put the feet on while sitting for the ceremony around the holy fire. It kept under the groom’s feet

Pooja ki Thali – A plate with space for all the ritual stuff that is needed for the ceremony. Check also Pooja ki samagri – one of our articles we offer


Sindoor – red powdered color which has put by the groom in the bride’s foreheads crown to declare her as his wife


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