A bridal set

is not only a saree, lehenga, bridal makeup set, wedding decoration, or jewelry but also needs many traditional or trendy accessories. Ladkiwale Silver Package is famous. These kinds of traditional and typical accessories are a part of those cosmetics which have worn by the bride at their wedding ceremony.

These special

little appearance items usually match with the bridal look and bridal trendy fashion style. Specifically, each product has equal respect for the Hindu tradition with many importance. This product also has much demand for the bride.

Ladkiwale silver package

Ladkiwale silver package





paranda is one kind of hair element for women. When women do a braid with their hair that the time paranda can be used with the end of the braid. But paranda helps to make a gorgeous appearance on a simple braid.


Mauli –

A red thread known as Mauli or Kalava or Charadu is tied on the wrist by Hindus before the beginning of a religious ceremony. The thread is tied on the right hand by males and on the left hand by females.


About Bindi:

Bindi is very important for women to fulfill their solah shringer. Without bindi a Hindu woman is incomplete. Women put on bindi to enhance their beauty in different ways. Putting a gorgeous bindi with a wedding dress makes any bride like a real princess.


Chudiya –

Clay plates – are used to break by the groom after he has given a shower by his family. A very traditional affair. They are either 5 or 7 clay plates that need to get broken exactly after taking the shower by just wearing one of the shoes which he is wearing for the ceremony.


Pooja ki Thali –

A plate with spaces for all the ritual stuff that is needed for the ceremony. And check also Pooja ki samagri – one of our articles we offer


Ladkiwale Silver Package