Polki Pearl Choker Set with 4 in one Self Adjustable Colors for Necklace and Studs Green, Blue, White and Red 3

1. Handmade Polki Pearl Choker Set with 4 in one
2. Brand: Aradhna
3. Material: Alloy (Mixing of brass and copper)
4. Polish: Gold plated foil with long-lasting shine.
5. Design: Polki stone with peach pearls
6. Closer: white Thread long chain with hook
7. Color: Red, Green, White, Blue, and mixing of gold.
8. Jewelry type: Polki Gold style Necklace with big Flower Pair studs.
9. Avoid straight contact with water/ Liquid/ sweat/ perfume etc. for cleaning always try to use cotton cloth or any soft cloth, it will help to clean jewelry very easily in no time without any defeat of products. In addition, try to keep jewelry in a jewelry pouch or plastic box.


The Polki and pearl have been part of world history since the Mughal era. Both have different values for unique different gorgeousness and dissimilarness. These Polki pearl chokers always create a crazy attraction in women’s hearts of their jewelry world. Because this pearl choker is made by not only polki but also pear. Moreover, If you ever noticed you can see the extreme work of both materials on gold foil. But It looks gorgeous for its intricate small design.

Also, it has the best color texture stones artistic touch on it. Basically, this Polki pearl choker has a detailing pair of earrings that bring grace and elegance to the wearer with any dress code. In addition, for this festive season, you get four adjustable emeralds that may use according to your outfits like Green, Blue, White, and Red as well. Moreover, these pieces of jewelry going to give you an attractive stunning look with any attire with a different makeup look.