About  Pooja Saamagri for wedding

The list of items required for the Hindu wedding has many things but some items are must need in the wedding.

Arranging for the Pooja samagri, Therefore, we have many things for you. however, This item is a special offer only for you.

Wedding Pooja Saamagri

Pooja samagri packet.

Hawan samagri packet.


Supari ( whole betel nuts).

Mauli ( sacred red thread).

Cotton ( small pack).

Agarbatti( Incense sticks) Packet.

Milk, Yoghurt, Ghee, Honey, Sugar.

Flower ( mixed color) -1 Bunch.

Wedding Pooja flower should be kept separate from all flowers which basically will use for wedding decorations. Moreover, the Pooja flower should be in mixed colors.

Fruits of 5 varieties.

Sweet which consists of Prasad.

Betel leaves ( Paan)- 5.


Red cloth 1.5 Yards.

Aluminum foil( small Roll).

Thali-5, Katori-5, spoon-2, lota- 1, glass-1. Traditionally for wedding Pooja, Above all, These items should be in silver, brass, and steel.

Chunni ( yellow and red-colored)- 1 each. Basically, wedding Pooja has been needed two types of Chunni at the ceremony.


Murmura ( puffed rice)-1 packet.