Wedding Set for Ladkewale. All you need for a groom for an Indian wedding. Gold Package comes with, Banarsi, Bodi/Kioda, Chudiya (clay plates), Gharoli ka set, Kanpura, Kenchi (scissors), Mauli, Nahane ka Dupatta, Peroni Ki Patti, Pooja Ki Thali, Sindoor, etc.


When it comes to talking about the Indian traditional wedding planning checklist as if it would appear of thin air. The Indian wedding checklist has so many valuable items.

But the most important part of the wedding is Groom needed many things.  Sometimes people forget about the main little things to buy at the ending moment. Also, it seems very costly when you want to buy wedding samagri separately.

Gold package Wedding set for Groom

Gold package Wedding set for Groom


So that

according to the Hindu marriage, the most inordinate part of the wedding is the prayer itself. On the other hand, for a groom, it’s a very special day and he needed all things to prepare for celebrating his day in a proper way.


Here thinking about you and make your day more special We have Gold Package comes with, Banarsi, Bodi/Kioda, Chudiya (clay plates), Gharoli ka set, Kanpura, Kenchi (scissors), Mauli, Nahane ka Dupatta, Peroni Ki Padti, Pooja Ki Thali, Sindoor, etc.



is a dupatta which has worn by the groom throughout the ceremonies, it can be in any color.

Bodi kioda-

is a pouch that is carrying the groom filled with herbs and some flowers throughout the ceremony.


Clay plates – are used to break by the groom after he has given a shower by his family. A very traditional affair. They are either 5 or 7 clay plates that need to get broken exactly after taking the shower by just wearing one of the shoes which he is wearing for the ceremony.


Bracelet fort he grooms which have worn to him by his sister. A tread with multiple stones can be fancy or simple

Gharoli ka set–

is a big fancy bowl which is getting carried by the groom’s mama´s to fulfill a ceremony and This bowl comes with some support to carry it on their head since this is a ritual to be done.


Kanpura – A board which is getting stickle for the wedding rituals time on the brides back for the pheras (wedding ceremony)


Kenchi- Scissors, mostly needed to cut paper during the phera (wedding ceremony) by the bride’s mama´s (uncle, brother of mother)


Mauli – A red thread known as Mauli or Kalava or Charade has tied on the wrist by Hindu tradition before the beginning of welfare. The thread has tied on the right hand by Grooms and on the left hand by brides.


Mehndi – paste to paint the groom’s hands for wedding tradition.


Nahane ka Dupatta – Mostly a yellow long shawl which is need for the groom to cover himself after getting the shower


Pero ki patdi– a wood plate to put the feet on while sitting for the ceremony around the holy fire. It kept under the groom’s feet

Pooja ki Thali – A plate with spaces for all the ritual stuff that is necessary for the ceremony. Check also Pooja ki samagri – one of our articles we offer

Sindoor – Red powder color which has  put by the groom in the bride’s foreheads crown to declare her as his wife


If you want a real traditional wedding to your special day with pride or confidence.

We have more Wedding Set for Ladkewale two offers for you first is a silver package or the second is Platinum. You can visit our page and buy as per your choice or need.